TKR oil mart is marketing High quality and world recommended lubricant for you. Our Main Brand is Caltex and they are one of the leading lubricant manufacture across the globe.

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Our Product Range
  • Engine Oil

    Havoline SAE 5W-40
    Lanka Super DS SAE 10
    Lanka Super DS SAE 30
    Lanka Super DS SAE 40

  • Hydrolic oil

    Caltex Rando HD 32
    Caltex Rando HD 46
    Caltex Rando HD 68
    Caltex Rando HD 100

  • Gear oil

    Caltex Thuban GL5 EP SAE 80W-90
    Caltex Thuban GL5 EP SAE 85W-140

  • Outboard oil

    Super Outboard 3 TC W3
    210L drums, 20L Pails, 5L and 1L cans

  • 2T Oil

    Havoline Super 2T
    Havoline Plus 2T JASO FB, ISO EGB
    Havoline Power 2T SAE F/M2, JASO FC, ISO EGC

  • Auto Gear Oil

    Havoline ATF-J
    Texamatic 1888

Why choose us

We are giving the high quality oils for Our valuable clients. It means all the oils are with world class brands. Mainly we are distributing agent of Caltex Havoline and Delo oils. Those vehicle and other oils are well reputed across the globe. All those oils are manufacturing with with high standards and certified quality. For the high quantity requirements of our customers we are in the capacity of transporting bulks for them.