Outboard oil
Super Outboard 3 TC W3
210L drums, 20L Pails, 5L and 1L cans

Customer benefits
Maintains high power output
Special blend of highly refined mineral oil and ashless additive system provides superior piston cleanliness and protection against ring sticking by minimizing deposit formation, thus maintaining combustion efficiency and protecting against power loss.
Reduces maintenance costs
Special ashless additive system includes a selected synthetic component for enhanced lubricity to separate contacting surfaces with a tough lubricant film to protect against wear under high speed, peak performance conditions.
Trouble-free operation
Ashless additive system ensures that ash-induced deposits are not formed in the combustion chamber, thereby eliminating the risk of destructive pre-ignition from this source.
Maximizes spark plug life
Ashless additive system reduces spark plug fouling under all operating conditions.
• All water-cooled, two-stroke, marine outboard engines, including the latest designs under warranty protection.
• Oil-injected engines.
• Oil-gasoline premix engines at all gasoline-to-oil ratios up to and including 100:1
• Air-cooled, two-stroke engines where API TD or NMMA certified oils are specified.

Our Product Range
  • Engine Oil

    Havoline SAE 5W-40
    Lanka Super DS SAE 10
    Lanka Super DS SAE 30
    Lanka Super DS SAE 40

  • Hydrolic oil

    Caltex Rando HD 32
    Caltex Rando HD 46
    Caltex Rando HD 68
    Caltex Rando HD 100

  • Gear oil

    Caltex Thuban GL5 EP SAE 80W-90
    Caltex Thuban GL5 EP SAE 85W-140

  • Outboard oil

    Super Outboard 3 TC W3
    210L drums, 20L Pails, 5L and 1L cans

  • 2T Oil

    Havoline Super 2T
    Havoline Plus 2T JASO FB, ISO EGB
    Havoline Power 2T SAE F/M2, JASO FC, ISO EGC

  • Auto Gear Oil

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    Texamatic 1888