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    Architecture makes wonders
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    Interior Design....
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    Senior Chartered Architect in Sri Lanka
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    Vajira Wickramasingha
    Chartered Architect in Sri Lanka
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    Vajira Wickramasingha
    Chartered Architect in Sri Lanka
Vajira Wickramasingha is a Chartered Architect in Sri Lanka. We are specialised in designing Houses, providing design proposals for renovations (of existing houses with minimum destruction to the existing structure), Interior design, Landscape design , Project management and Cost management. We make wonders by converting space into comfortable and beautiful places to live in.

why us

We understand your way of life. We design for you and create your home to make you happy and comfortable. We do not force you to accept our view of Architecture but make you to design your house with expert guidance provided by us so that you get value for your investment.

Designing Houses

To design your dream house, we provide expert guidance, advice on obtaining approvals from local authorities, help to compile all documents to obtain bank loans including Bill of Quantities and estimates. Read More


When you are tired of living in your existing house and if you are looking for a change, we can create a completely new house for you with only a few changes in the existing structure. We can assure you that the end result would be a happy surprise. Read More

Commercial buildings

We have experience in designing commercial buildings of various magnitudes to suite your requirements. Read More

Interior design-Houses

If you are board with your existing house and do not want structural changes, let us make a difference with interior design by changing the floor, wall and ceiling finishes and colours in a tasteful manner. We can uplift your spirits and you will start loving your house once again. Read More

Interior design- commercial buildings

We design the interior of commercial buildings to enhance the productivity of the people employed. Read More

Landscape Design

If you like to enjoy your garden we provide expert guidance to make your garden green and beautiful with plants, flower troughs, foot paths, waterfalls, ponds, terraces, rocks, pebbles and sand. Read More

Cost Management

Are you confused with the estimates, budgets and how to manage your finances on construction? We help you to make your life easy. Read More

Project Management

If you are too involved with your business/job and find it difficult to manage your construction work we can support you with our expert knowledge and manage your project for you to complete it within the time and cost framework whilst achieving best quality. Read More

What is Architecture?

Architecture in our view is way of life. Architecture reflects the feelings of people. Architecture can make you feel happy and comfortable. It makes the world beautiful and enjoyable. It converts space into places filled with people and happiness